Heart Quilt

This is a string quilt arranged with a heart in the center. You’ll use a 6″ block, and either a wonky block or a block with the strips lined up with diagonal (patterns below).

For the heart, keep all strips in the heart in the same color. Two blocks will be be slightly different, D-10 and I-10. All other blocks line up with the orientation of the zig-zag layout, but those two blocks will have to be made with the half of each strip the heart color and half in the background colors. See the special patterns below.

Arrange the colors for the rest of the quilt however you like; you can make them all in one color or mix them up. I think it would be pretty to have two basic colors, but have the heart color start to bleed back into the pattern towards the edges of the quilt.

If you use the wonky block, use the dotted diagonal line to make 1/2 & 1/2 blocks for the diagonal lines of the heart. Otherwise, ignore the dotted line.

Heart quilt

Either use this block

Equal strips lined up

Or this block

Wide wonky

The D-10 and I-10 blocks will be a bit different. The strips will follow the same zig-zags as the rest of the patterns, but that means the colors wouldn’t match up if you did a normal block. So, for each block, you’re basically going to make two half-blocks and combine them together. You’ll print 4 patterns to make those two blocks. make sure you get the color in the right spot, the strips going the proper direction, and the seam allowances in the right spot. If your printer will allow it, print two normally and two mirrored, and you can just follow the colors. If you can’t print it mirrored, you’ll have to figure out what colors go where with the power of your brain.

Use this square for D-10 and I-10 if you’re using the equal size strips

And use this square for D-10 and I-10 for the wonky block.


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