Heart Quilt

This twin-sized quilt uses string quilt blocks arranged to make a big heart in the middle of  the quilt.

I think it would be cute for a girl’s bed in shades of red, pink, and white, or in slightly more grown-up colors, it would be a great gift to send with a young lady headed to college.

Heart quilt

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String quilts

String quilts are seemingly simple quilts made of thin strips of fabric. They are just a series of straight lines, but how you arrange them can give a wide assortment of finished looks. I’ve put together a set of many different string quilt options that will result in a wide variety of possible quilts.

String quilt examples

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Cow Close-up




This is my take on a paper pieced cow. It’s got a lot of parts, so even though I’m the one that created the pattern, I made a ton of mistakes while making my first one. On one section, I made the same mistake three times in a row! But I perservered, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

The finished product is 10″ x 7.25″. I plan on using mine to make a trivet, and if it works out, I’ll post an update on how I did it.


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Quirky Uppercase Alphabet

This is my first real attempt at making paper piecing patterns. I was looking for some free letter patterns in a certain style for a project and when I couldn’t find any, I made the patterns myself. When I was done with what I needed, I figured I may as well make the rest of the alphabet. And then I figured if I had done all that work making them, I may as well share them with others that may be looking for the same kind of thing.

The finished letters are 2.5″ x 4″. I made the seam allowances for these patterns 1/2″ to give myself plenty of wiggle room.

Quirky Alphabet

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